"The Conservation Steward of the Squannacook and Nissitissit Rivers... the two closest major trout streams to Metropolitan Boston."
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  • In June of 2008, we improved stream flow at the mouth of Sucker Brook by removing sand. Stabilized the stream banks to prevent further erosion. Read about the project and workday.
  • For several years, certain members have participated in the Acid Rain Monitoring (ARM) Project for local brooks such as Greens Brook, Gulf Brook, and Robinson Brook. Read about the project at the UMass WRRC website.
  • Replaced the metal gate at the Henry Columbo Area on the Nissitissit River.
  • Contributed significant funding and volunteer support to the efforts to save the Pepperell Springs property in Pepperell, MA from development. This property includes over 1/2 mile of frontage on Gulf Brook, a major tributary of the Nissitissit River, and a stream which supports a population of native Brook Trout.
  • Worked with MA Division of Ecological Restoration to install water flow gauges on the Nissitissit River and Gulf Brook. Water withdrawal from our streams remains a major environmental issue for Massachusetts, and these gauges will help establish baseline information for what constitutes normal flow regimes.
  • Developed a detailed strategy and has begun implementation of a local plan in support of Trout Unlimited's national Back the Brookie program. The Brook Trout is New England's one native trout species, and true wild (not stocked) fish are becoming increasingly rare as development and other environmental issues impact their habitats. The Chapter has begun surveying some of the tributary streams of the Nissitissit and Squannacook Rivers with assistance from MA Department of Fisheries and wildlife, so as to identify local populations of wild fish. The Chapter has purchased and installed in stream temperature monitoring devices to record crucial water temperature data.
  • Sponsors the participation of several fourth and fifth grade classes at the Varnum Brook Middle School in Pepperell, MA, the Swallow Union School in Dunstable, MA, the Reilly School in Lowell, MA, the Day School in Westford, MA, and the Brookline NH Elementary School (representing over 200 school children annually) in the Adopt-A-Salmon Family environmental education program, run by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Chapter provides the Aquariums, Aquarium Chillers, Filters and miscellaneous materials and provides volunteer classroom assistance. ($750+ in start up costs for each school.) Read all about the chapter's involvement on the AASF project page.
  • During October of 2001, hosted a Fly-fishing Retreat on the Nissitissit River for Breast Cancer Survivors in conjunction with the organization Casting for Recovery.
  • Constructed a Universal Access Fishing Site on the Squannacook River in Townsend, MA, providing both disabled and elderly anglers with access to prime fishing water on one of the Commonwealth's finest trout streams.
    Read about the project and Press Release!
  • Chapter members are providing volunteer water sampling services to both the University of Massachusetts Acid Rain Monitoring Program and the Nashua River Watershed Association Water Quality Monitoring Program.
  • With the approval of the MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, has constructed several log bridges over tributary brooks to the Nissitissit River. These bridges help stop deposits of silt caused by angler foot traffic from entering the river.
    See photos of one of our bridge building work day projects!
  • Through lobbying efforts and letter writing, Squan-A-Tissit Chapter members were instrumental in causing the Pepperell, MA Water Department to change its decision to drill a municipal water supply well, immediately along the banks of the Nissitissit River. The placement of a well at its proposed location would have had a detrimental effect on water levels and rates of flow within the River during dry periods, and a resulting catastrophic effect on wildlife and fisheries.
  • Has sponsored and paid the tuition of several local teenagers to attend the Massachusetts Conservation Camp, a two week long environmental education program offered during the summer by MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.
  • Conducts annual riverbank clean-ups along the Nissitissit and Squannacook Rivers.
  • Annually assists the MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and the NH Fish and Game Department by float-stocking by canoe the Nissitissit River.
  • Assists the MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and the NH Department of Fish and Game each year by providing volunteer assistance when they conduct stream electro-shocking and sampling on the Squannacook and Nissitissit Rivers.
  • Has adopted the Nissitissit River under Massachusetts Adopt-A-Stream program. The stream survey documents developed by the Chapter have been chosen by the Adopt-A-Stream program as model documents that other Adopters should emulate.
  • Has constructed an Information Kiosk at the Henry Columbo Wildlife Area in Pepperell, to display outdoor recreation and angling information.
Updated 05/26/2009