Coldwater Fisheries Conservation
As the name of the chapter implies, our focus is on our home waters, the Squannacook and Nissitissit Rivers. Both rivers are fine examples of well managed streams that offer angling through all seasons of the year. Additionally, the rivers provide focal points for chapter projects and gatherings. Want to learn more about the Squan-A-Tissit Chapter? Read the Chapter's Long Term Plan.
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Millie Turner Webcam
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Upcoming Events!
Marlborough Fly Fishing Show
Jan 22, 23, 24
It's time for the annual Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough. The Chapter will be represented at the Trout Unlimited booth all day Sunday. Swing on by and show your support!

Chapter Meeting
Tuesday Jan 26th, 7pm

Help Stop the Gas Pipeline (updated Nov 12th)
There is a proposed Natural Gas Pipeline which is planned to cut through many towns including private and protected land. As a Chapter of Trout Unlimited we are first and foremost a conservation group. Our legislators are currently having hearings about a bill to approve this plan. Check out a website to send a message of disapproval to your legislators!

Direct donations made easier
There is now a Donate button on the website, where you can transfer funds directly to the Squanatissit Chapter.

Youtube Video
Check out the Video on Youtube of someone catching some fish on the Nissitissit River, on Nov 1st, 2012.

Artcle in the Lowell Sun
Check out the Lowell Sun article for the Gulf Brook culvert our Chapter assisted with.

Slideshow for the Chickley River
Check out this Youtube Video showing what was done to the Chickley River after the hurricane.

Project Healing Waters in Boston Globe
Check out a news article about Project Healing Waters at the Bedford VA in the Boston Globe.

Project Healing Waters
Several members in our chapter have been participating in Project Healing Waters at the Bedford VA Hospital. We are looking for volunteers of all skill levels for fly tying on a one on one basis with the Veterans. This is an opportunity to share your skills with someone who has given greatly to this country. Read a great article about it HERE!
The meetings typically take place on the First Thursday of each month at 6:30pm and are located in Building 4, in the 2nd Floor Dining Area, with parking provided in Lot 4. Please see the facility map for details.
Please bring materials for several flies: hooks, thread, feathers, materials (dubbing, tailing material, etc.) and a wine cork for the residents to keep their flies on. We have quite a few vises at the hospital but you might want to bring yours (if you have one) and some tools as a backup in case we have an overflow of participants.
Below is a photo from one of our sessions. Note the "helping hands" of volunteer Kirk Reynolds as he assists one of the residents tie a green and white saltwater clouser. We had fifteen fly tying volunteers and about twenty hospital residents. Everyone had a great time. The residents are acquiring quite a few flies which the hospital staff is displaying in a shadow box with the name of the resident fly tyer below each fly.

If interested, call Michael Rosser at 978-433-6418 or email at

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Updated 01/05/2016